S7 -fashion TWS bluetooth earphone

*BT version:Jerry6973D *earplug battery:25mAh *charging box battery:200mAh *play/on call time :6h(80%) * Standby time:130h *Charging time: 1hour

Products Details

1.ENC Call Noise Cancellation Fearless interference.Using ENC call noise reduction algorithm, can effectively filter environmental noise, extract clear human voice, effectively reduce the outside interference in the call. 2.New Bluetooth 5.3,stable connection love to accelerate.New Bluetooth 5.3 technology anti-interference significantly improved. Fast enough to connect, but also stable enough. 3.13mm powerful dynamic coil Create a powerful sound.13mm large dynamic coil to bring more full of bass, majestic sound field, clear vocals, so that every listen is like being there in person. 4.Fully compatible Ready-to-use.The new generation of dual-host Bluetooth, 5.dual-band signal analysis Apple, Huawei,Xiaomi computers and other Bluetooth electronic devices, can be accurately matched. 6.Music at your fingertips One Touch Control.Touch control instantly to answer, cut songs,adjust the volume of multiple commands, No need to open the phone, a touch to complete the precise control.asdzxcxz1 asdzxcxz2 asdzxcxz3 asdzxcxz4 asdzxcxz5 asdzxcxz6 asdzxcxz7 asdzxcxz8 asdzxcxz9

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